askpitchpatch said: where do you live?

I don’t know.. I thought i was dead D:? 

Anonymous said: What are you? o___O

A Humanoid Fox girl.. i think .. O_o.. ?

Anonymous said: How are you doing?

Oooh pfffrrlalal I’m a bit stressed with everything and miss drawing, but I am doing great besides that ^_^

finally have it in my own hands <3<3<3

just me being myself… le artist and le author

how le book looks like <3

uh oh… she’s a nasty bitch :o

real life foxie


My book is le finished and ready for a good home ;)

I really hope you guys wanna help me out and spread the rumor :heart:

Here is where you can read about my book and order it: - my official website my new DA account My FA gallery My Tumblr My Youtube where i got the inspiration from :)

If you have read the info about my book, i would be very glad if you could tell me what you think!!! :D

about me;

Name: Lucy Victoria Kallmeyer

Gender: Female

date of birth: 16 May 1988

Nationality: Danish

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Sex: Hereto

Status: Single

By Centch on Furaffinity

By Centch on Furaffinity